Analysis of AQUAQUEEN® natural spring water:

Typical Analysis (expressed in milligrams per litre)
Iron FE 0.04 Sodium Na 9.0 Bicarbonate as HCO3 4.5
Potassium K <0.1 Magnesium Mg 2.0 Sulphate SO4 2.3
Calcium Ca 0.98 pH 5.0 Nitrite NO2 <0.05
Hardness as CaCO3 12 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 68

(Full laboratory analysis is available on request)

Know your Waters

Natural waters are mainly differentiated by their content of soluble matter, which is measured as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS); this is also indicative of the quality of the waters. Usually, the lower the reading of the TDS, the less impurities there are and the softer and purer the water is.

Natural waters, depending on its level of TDS, maybe described as Spring Water or Mineral Water. Usually, Spring Water contains TDS lower than 250* and Mineral Water contains TDS higher than 250*.

The chart below applies to natural waters only. Waters with contents that are artificially formulated or altered via manufacturing processes are not considered natural waters.

Spring WatersMineral Waters


TDS under 100*

Medium HARD

TDS 100-250*


TDS over 250*

(* Expressed in milligrams per litre)

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