Quality Control


Our manufacturing plant, including all connecting pipework, is built of foodgrade stainless steel exclusively for the production of spring water.


Our water is freshly extracted from the spring source and transported to the bottling plant via a road tanker made of food grade stainless steel, for the exclusive use of spring water. The water is then filtered via a unique filtration system and ozonated immediately before bottling.

Our treatment process does not alter the substance or the characteristic of the water.


Our spring sources are licensed by DIPNR and operated under a stringent quality control management that is annually inspected by independent auditing firms.

Our plant operation and procedures are annually inspected and certified by independent auditors. Our plant is operated by Certified Plant Operators, who are examined and re-certified at regular intervals. Our standard operating procedures incorporate the practice of GMP (good manufacturing practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Our quality control management requires multiple barrier checks and microbiological tests performed in the plant everyday, as well as external verifications conducted regularly by NATA approved laboratories. All products are quarantined for quality clearance before release to shipping. Our HACCP Food Safety plan consists of a fully traceable system from raw materials to marketplace.

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